.IMalicious.ßitch. (maliciousb) wrote in monroes,

Healing a Monroe Piercing...

Or the like...
I don't want to take mine out. I've had it for over a year. Though, I am looking for a job which will require me to be quite conservative/ professional. I am going to miss it! The question

has anyone here healed a Monroe piercing/ or Medusa, etc.,

nicely? I talked to a piercer about this and she said, "After a yr or so you'll probbaly still have a small hole on the outside." She also mentioned using sea saly compression for healing.

If you had a Monroe/Madonna and had to retire it:
What was your result? Do you have a picture? What's the best way to heal it?

*I guess this would apply to other facial piercing above the lip too- Medusa etc.?
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