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almost 3 weeks old

It was two years since my last piercing (left nostril), and four years since my first piercing (navel). Needless to say, it was about time, but what to pierce? Ah, yes... My piercer let me mark the spot where I wanted her. She's my latest pride and joy...

I swear, my make up and face have seen better days. :) Well lovely ladies, there you have it.

- Lindsay
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your's is pretty because it's on the left (your right), which is kind of rare. do you have any special back to avoid receding gums?
Well thank ya. ;) I had to balance out the nose with the monroe; I actually would have preferred it on the left, but now that I have it, I wouldn't change it. Nope, I have a stainless steel labret backing, but the thing is... the backing never really reaches where the teeth and gums meet. My piercer used the shortest labret jewelery she had. It's resting against just my gums probably in the middle to middle upper half of my gum region (ha ha, I don't know the technical terms here), although if I open my mouth wide enough, it can hook itself on the bottom of my teeth! Doesn't hurt, though.

How 'bout you? Any problems with gum recession?

oh, i don't have my monroe done (yet!). i desperately want one, and i've been doing my research lately just so i know what the pro's and con's of getting one was. so far i've only heard about receding gums.

thanks for your input!